Terms and Conditions

General Contract Conditions

These General Contract and Service Conditions rule the use of the accommodation and its services operated by the Supplier. These General Contract and Service Conditions do not include special and unique conditions but it is not forbidden to have other agreements with travel agencies, organisers under suitable conditions.

Contracting Party:

The Guest uses all of the services provided by the Supplier at his/her own risk. If the Guest orders the services directly from the Supplier, the Guest is the Contracting Party. The Supplier and the Guest become Contracting Parties if all the conditions are completed.

Creating the Contract, way and modification of booking, notice obligation:
The Contract is created if the Guest books the appartment in writing or word and the Supplier confirms it in writing and the deposit written in the confirmation is paid by the Guest. It becomes a written contract. Booking, agreement, modification in word and confirmation in word by the Supplier do not become a contract.
The contract on the use of accomodation and services are valid for a determined period of time.
If the Guest leaves the accomodation definitively before the end of determined period of time, the Supplier is entitled to receive the whole amount of countervalue of the service written in the Contract. The Supplier is entitled to convert the room into money if the room becomes empty before the end of determined period of time.

Conditions of cancellation:

The Supplier did not determine other conditions, the conditions of cancellation are the following:
The Guest can cancel the booking without paying penalty only in writing, more than 60 days before the confirmed day of arrival.
31-60 days before arrival the penalty is 20%.
30 or less days before arrival and in case of not arriving the penalty is 100 %.
(The day of arriving is the first day of the period of time booked by the Guest, according to date and this is the base of determining penalty obligation. It means 2 PM on the first day of the booked period according to local time.)
If the Contracting Party insured using of accomodation and/or services by paying deposit, credit card guarantee or any other way determined in the Contract and the Guest does not arrive until 2 PM on the day of arrival and the Guest does not let the Supplier know about the delay, he/she must pay at least one day penalty according to the Contract. In this case the Supplier must reserve the room for the Guest until 10 AM next day and after it the Supplier does not have any obligation toward the Guest.


The prices of the apartments can be found on website: http// nyaralasunk.hu
The Supplier can change the prices freely without any notice in advance.
The travel tax and the parking fee of the car are not included in the price of the accommodation.
Actual discounts and other offers are listed on website: http// nyaralasunk.hu


Way of payment, guarantee:

The whole countervalue of the services provided to the Contracting Party by the Supplier must be paid at the arrival to the accommodation the latest. For the guarantee of using the services according to the contract and paying the countervalue, the Supplier can ask for paying deposit for the whole or part of the participative fee.
The Contracting Party can pay with HUF and/or EUR as well.
In this case the exchange and invoicing will be according to the EUR exchange rate written on the homepage of Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungarian National Bank).
The Supplier accepts other paying ways, not only cash (OTP SZÉP card) and the actual list of these cards and paying methods is provided to the Contracting Party by the Supplier.

Terms and conditions of using the services:

The Guest can check in the apartment after 2 PM on the day of arrival and must check out until 10 AM on the last day of the stay.


Guests must not keep pets in the accommodation.

The Supplier is entitled to terminate the contract on the accommodation and services immediately and deny providing the services if:

- the Guest does not use the apartment and the establisment in a proper way
- the Guest behaves in an objecionable and rude way to the accommodation, the staff, other guests; he/she is under effect of alcohol or drugs; behaves in a threatening, offensive or other unacceptable ways
- the Contracting Party does not complete his/her deposit paying obligation stated in the Contract until the determined date.
If the Contract between the parties is not completed because of "vis major", the Contract is terminated.

Placing guarantee:

If the Supplier cannot ensure the services stated in the Contract because of the fact that there is no more empty apartment, temporary operating problems or other reasons, the Supplier must provide other accommodation to the Guest without delay.
If the Supplier provides a replacing accommodation, the Supplier accomplishes his/her obligations toward the Contracting Party and if the Guest accepts the offered replacing accommodation, the Contracting Party is not entitled to put in a claim for damages afterwards. The extra costs of ensuring the replacing accommodation must be paid by the Contracting Party.

The Contracting Party's rights
According to the Contract, the Contracting Party is entitled to use the ordered apartment and the usual service establisments of the accommodation in a proper way.
During his/her stay in the accommodation the Guest can file a complaint in connection with the services provided by the Supplier. During this period of time the Supplier is obligated to deal with the complaints that were handled to him/her only in writing (or if the complaint is registered by the Supplier). The Guest is not entitled to file a complaint after leaving the accommodation.

The Contracting Party's paying obligation
The Contracting Party is obligated to pay the countervalue of the ordered services until the determined date as stated in the Contract.

Rules of parking cars:

The Guest can use the recquired parking place being in a closed area. The Guest must pay extra fee for using the parking place. People must drive their cars in the parking place according to Highway Code. The maximum speed limit is 20 km/h.

Smoking conditions:

To protect non-smokers, the accommodation is a non-smoking establishment. It is forbidden to smoke in the
accommodation and in the rooms, as well. The staff of the accommodation is entitled to warn and remind the guests of this rule and ask them to stop smoking.
In the accomodation the Guests are obligated to keep this rule and grant the incidental request. If the operator of the accomodation is fined by the authorities based on this rule because of any guests' or other persons' wrong behaviour, the operator is entitled to devolve the amount of the fine to the person having the wrong behaviour. He/she is obligated to pay the amount of the fine.

In case of fire:

In case of fire the porter service must be informed immediately. In case of fire or other alarm the Guests are obligated to leave the rooms and the whole accommodation according to the information placed there as soon as possible. In case of fire using the elevators is forbidden!

The Guest is obligated to use the building of the accommodation and its surrounding area in a proper way, as intended.

When leaving, the Guest is obligated to give the keys of the apartment to the Supplier. If he/she does not do so, or loses the keys, the Supplier is entitled to ask for compensation for the keys and for the entering magnet card of the wellness part of the apartment, and the Guest is obligated to pay this compensation fee when leaving.

The Contracting Party's compensation responsibility:

The Guest is responsible for all the damages and disadvantages to the Supplier or a third person, which are caused by the Guest, his/her attendant or another person whom the Guest is responsible for. The Guest is responsible for the damages he/she has caused and the Guest is obligated to pay compensation for these damages to the Supplier. (for example: breaking, intentional impairment) The amount of the compensation is between 10.000 - 100.000 HUF. If the damage is significant, a police action is required, which is arranged by the Supplier.

The Supplier's obligation:

The Supplier is obligated to:
- complete the ordered accommodation and other services as stated in the Contract according to the effectual regulations and standards
- examine the Guest's written complaint, take the necessary actions and register them, as well

The Supplier's compensation responsibility:

The Supplier bears the responsibility of all the damages to the Guest that have occured only because of the Supplier's fault in the Supplier's establishments. The amount of the compensation is maximalized by the Supplier's relevant insurance bond.
The Supplier is not responsible for the damages that occured because of unavertable circumstances independently of the Supplier and the Guests or for the damages caused by the Guest.
The Guest is obligated to inform the Supplier of the accommodation about the damage immediatlely and make every necessary data available to the Supplier that is needed for making the circumstances of the caused damage clear and for registering by the police/police procedure.
The Supplier is not responsible for any personal valuables, cash or other personalties left in the rooms or other places of the apartment house.
The Supplier is not responsible for the valuables left in the car being in the parking place and the Supplier is not responsible for the damages caused to the cars either.

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Closing instructions: In case of signing the accommodation and service contract you accept reading and understanding the conditions and rules mentioned above and you agree with their content.

The General Contract Conditions can be modified in the future and this modification will be published on the homepage of the accommodation by the Supplier.

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